CMMU Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG 8: Decent work and Economic Growth

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Research and PUBLICATIONs


in international journal
since 2018

Teaching and Learning


related to SDGs
since 2018

EVENTs and Practices


related to SDGs
since 2018

Research and Publication

  • 1. Exploring Relationships among Sustainability Organizational Culture Components at a Leading Asian Industrial Conglomerate., Sustainability (Switzerland) Vol.13, No.4, Article number 1733
  • 2. The effects of renewable and nonrenewable energy consumption on the ecological footprint: the role of environmental policy in BRICS countries, Environmental Science and Pollution Research Vol.28, No.22, PP.27885-27899
  • 3. The Effects of Employee Learning, Knowledge, Benefits, Satisfactions on Employee Performance and Career Growth in the Hospitality Industry, Sustainability (Switzerland) Vol.13, No.8, Article Number 4101
  • 4. How National Context Indirectly Influences Instructional Leadership Implementation: The Case of Israel, Educational Administration Quarterly Vol.57, No.3, PP.437-469
  • 5. Factor Influencing Employee Engagement: Evidence from Thai SMEs, Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences Vol.42, No.3, PP.482-488
  • 6. A test of the sustainability vision theory: Is it practical?, Sustainability (Switzerland) Vol.13, No.14, Article number 7534
  • 7. COVID-19 impacts and sustainability strategies for regional recovery in southeast Asia: Challenges and opportunities, Sustainability (Switzerland) Vol.13, No.16, Article number 8907
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  • 15. Business ethics and spirituality for corporate sustainability: a Buddhism perspective. Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, 16(3), 264-289.
  • 16. Increasing entrepreneurial intention with the application of experiential learning theory: An innovative learning method and empirical test. Asia Pacific Social Science Review, 18(2), 1-15.

Teaching and Learning

No. Program Major Course ID Course Name
1 Thai Business Management MGMG515 Asian Economy in Global Context
2 Thai Business Management MGMG716 Business Creativity and Design thinking
3 Thai Marketing MGMG520 Consumer Behavior
4 Thai Business Management MGMG527 Contemporary Management
5 INT'L General Management MGMG658 Cross-cultural Management
6 Thai Finance MGMG681 Derivatives
7 Thai Finance MGMG663 Econometrics and Finance Research
8 Thai Entrepreneurship and Innovation MGMG567 Entrepreneurial Marketing
9 Thai Entrepreneurship and Innovation MGMG720 Financial and Technology Management for Entrepreneurs
10 Thai Finance MGMG665 Financial Risk Management
11 Thai Finance MGMG689 Fixed Income Security Investment
12 Thai Food Business Management MGMG544 Food Business Model Development and Creattivity
13 Thai Food Business Management MGMG735 Global Food Business Trade and Retail Marketing Management
14 Thai Finance MGMG517 Investment Management
15 Thai Business Management MGMG666 Leadership and Managerial Negotiation Strategy
16 Thai Business Management MGMG598 Management Information System
17 Thai Business Management MGMG505 Management Information System
18 Thai Business Management MGMG528 Managerial Decision Strategy
19 Thai Business Management MGMG547 Managing People in Organizations
20 Thai Marketing MGMG529 Marketing Communication in the Digital Era
21 Thai Business Management MGMG645 Seminar in management
22 INT'L Entrepreneurship management MGMG607 Small Business Mgt/Small and Family Business Management
23 Thai Business Management MGMG565 Strategic Implementation and Intrapreneurship
24 INT'L General Management MGMG584 Strategic Leadership
25 Thai Business Management MGMG509 Strategic Management
26 INT'L Sustainable Leadership MGSL505 Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in Sustainable Development
27 Thai Business Management MGMG724 Supply Chain and Logistic Management
28 Thai Business Management MGMG506 Thai Economic in Global Context
29 Thai Business Management MGMG697 Thematic paper: CP Retail to Etail
30 Thai Finance MGMG684 Valuation

Events and Practices

No. Date Event Name Event Description Link Related SDG
1.25/01/2020Aspen Fast Tips for Young InvestorsTraining course on laying the foundation for the investment market with "Aspen"8
2.01/02/2020EN Fin workshopPractical Implications of a Fintech Product Prototyping8
3.07/09/2019International Program SeminarLeading the Change to Sustainability 8
4.27/06/2019Small Business Management SeminarTurn Passion into Action 8
5.15/06/2019Ceo Perspective #1/18Disruptive World In Gen M (Millennium) 8
6.19/02/2019PhD. Seminar #3Sustainable Business by Minor Group 8
7.12/02/2019PhD. Seminar #2Sustainability and Sustainable Development 8
8.10/02/2019International Business & Professional Etiquette WorkshopExecutive Life: Social Grace as a Business Tool 8
9.10/11/2018The Marketing perspectiveNew Life Builders: Rethinking Marketing to Asia’s Fastest Growing Population-the 60-90 year olds 8

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