CMMU Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Research and PUBLICATIONs


in international journal
since 2018

Teaching and Learning


related to SDGs
since 2018

EVENTs and Practices


related to SDGs
since 2018

Research and Publication

  • 1. Science Mapping the Knowledge Base on Sustainable Tourism Development, 1990–2018. Sustainability (Switzerland), 11(13), Article number 3631.
  • 2. Supportive factors of job and life satisfaction: Empirical evidence from disclosed lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) workforce in Thailand. Journal of Management and Organization, 25(5), 711-730
  • 3. An analysis of a structured benchmarking project: The case of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s benchmarking project. Benchmarking, 26(5), 1431-1450
  • 4. Science Mapping of the Global Knowledge Base on Microfinance: Influential Authors and Documents, 1989–2019. Sustainability (Switzerland), 11(14), Article number 3883.
  • 5. The management of reputational risks in banks: Findings from Germany and Switzerland. SAGE Open, 9(3), 1-15.
  • 6. Exploring a Thai ‘sufficiency’ approach to corporate sustainability. International Journal of Business Excellence, 18(1), 1-21.
  • 7. Culture development for sustainable SMEs: Toward a behavioral theory. Sustainability (Switzerland), 11(9), Article number 2629.
  • 8. Sustainable Social Enterprise Model: Relationships and Consequences. Sustainability (Switzerland), 11(14), Article number 3772.
  • 9. Achieving Corporate Sustainability: Toward a Practical Theory. Sustainability (Switzerland), 11(15), Article number 4155.
  • 10. Taking the long view on resilience and sustainability with 5Cs at B. Grimm. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Vol. 38 No. 3 PP. 11-17 March/April 2019
  • 11. Business ethics and spirituality for corporate sustainability: a Buddhism perspective. Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, 16(3), 264-289.
  • 12. Bibliometric review of research on Knowledge Management and sustainability, 1994-2018. Sustainability (Switzerland), 11(16), Article number 4388.
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  • 14. A Psychological Model of Residential Property Purchasing Decision in Thailand. UTCC International Journal of Business and Economics, 10(1), 53-74.
  • 15. Increasing entrepreneurial intention with the application of experiential learning theory: An innovative learning method and empirical test. Asia Pacific Social Science Review, 18(2), 1-15.

Teaching and Learning

No. Program Major Course ID Course Name
1 Thai Food Business Management MGMG735 Global Food Business Trade and Retail Marketing Management
2 INT'L General Management MGMG608 International Business Management
3 Thai Business Management MGMG608 International Business Management
4 Thai Business Management MGMG598 Management Information System
5 Thai Business Management MGMG505 Management Information System
6 Thai Business Management MGMG724 Supply Chain and Logistic Management
7 Thai Business Management MGMG506 Thai Economic in Global Context

Events and Practices

No. Date Event Name Event Description Link Related SDG
1. 03/11/2562 ACSDSD officially launched The ASEAN Centre for Sustainable Development Studies and Dialogue, attend the 35th ASEAN Summit and related meetings. 17

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